Examples of Work completed - Sampled From Top 60 Projects

  • Feasibility Study/Business Plan for a Regional Physicians Network.

Result: Implemented with a staff of four and annual profits over $1 million.

  • Wrote 6 State and federal grants for a regional alcoholism plan, a rural health clinic, a human sexuality curriculum among others.

Result: All grants were funded.

  • Prepared a Strategic Plan for a $60 million health care facility.

Result: Six work plans initiated among the Executive Council.

  • Completed a Strategic Plan for an inner city Montessori School

Result: Became the blueprint for all fundraising and interagency planning for three years.

  • Prepared a targeted strategic plan for the Nursing Division

Result: Implemented by the Supervisory staff.

  • Recommended against a costly "price war" over a medical procedure.

Result: Saved the hospital over $1 million.

  • Prepared a USDOE literacy grant cooperatively among four neighborhood agencies.

Result: Program opened at three sites.

  • Redesigned the Annual Appeal to increase donations to a regional food bank.

Result: Donations grew from $60,000 to $210,000.

  • Conducted 15 market research surveys and focus groups for major clients in New York and California as well as small businesses.

Result: All clients satisfied with MR results, implemented the findings and it led to repeat business.

  • Completed 21 foundation grant requests for a soup kitchen, inner city
  • Montessori School, neighborhood advocacy center among others.

Result: All grants were funded.

  • Recommended a logo to brand a regional hospital.

Result: Implemented in all hospital signage, letterhead and business forms.

Client Comments

"I hired Resource Development & Management earlier this year to assess our business sales procedures and to make recommendations on improving our methods. One of the recommendations that Jim made was to organize a grand opening. In the weeks leading up to our grand opening, Jim helped me to identify effective ways to get our message out. We improved our signage, developed print advertising and made personal calls to the owners of businesses located within a mile radius of my shop. This is where Jim’s expertise really came into play….Jim walked from business to business (many times in inclement weather) meeting and greeting prospective customers. Many of these people are now loyal customers of Buffalo Press, Inc. …Jim Serafin and Resource Development & Management proved to be a good investment for my company. Jim is a hard worker and will put his mind to the task. I would recommend Jim’s services to any company or organization."

Nick Battistella, President
Buffalo Press, Inc.

"Resource Development & Management helped us to better define our goals and our competition and organized us to respond to new and very burdensome regulations. Our sales have increased 38% the first year of our Strategic/Business Plan. We expect to work with Mr. Serafin a long time."

Matt McDonald, Senior Manager
Brisbane Consulting Group, a Division of Lumsven & McCormick, LLP

Jim Serafin is a true professional who is determined to make a difference to help me to be very successful. He showed a genuine interest to chart a course for my business without once looking at his watch. He helped me to understand the dynamics of my industry and to focus my business strategies. This led to measurable and positive results. I would highly recommend that any business, big or small, new or established, successful or challenged, employ the services of Jim Serafin and Resource Development & Management

Bill Smith, Owner
Vista Communications

Comments of Seminar participants:

Business Seminar-Entrepreneurial Leadership & Strategic Thinking

"The best seminar yet" - President of award recognition company
"Excellent! Great job" - Owner of sales tax audit company
"Speaker very well prepared and knew subject matter." - Grand Island realtor
"It’s a great course. Take it." - Owner of heating and cooling company

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