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Installation of North Tower Cupola, 2014


Resource Development & Management has been increasing its involvement and expanding its expertise in Historic Preservation since 2005.

The first effort led to Corpus Christi Church receiving designation as a National Historic site in 2007. This opened the door to significant public funds through NYSOPRHP, other grants and local matching dollars totaling $2 million. As a result, ten capital campaign projects were completed by 2014. This included the art conservation of the The Disputa by Rafael Santi, a dome mural inside the church completed by international art conservator Roman Kujawa.

In 2015 the focus shifted to the Broadway Fillmore neighborhood and the ongoing loss of housing stock. To address this challenge the Historic East Side Neighborhood Initiative, H.E.S.N.I. ,was created as a not for profit corporation.

It focuses on three areas:

Historic Rescues- So far, two historic sites unknown have been saved from demolition through quick action.  1) Dr. Francis E. Fronczak’s home at 806 Fillmore Avenue. Dr. Fronczak was the City of Buffalo’s first Health Commissioner, a post he held for 37 years. He wrote 27 books on public health policy. As an international diplomat he was at the Paris Versailles Treaty after WWI fighting for re-establishing Poland as a sovereign nation. 2)  Lt. Col. Matt Urban’s home at 1153 Broadway. He was the most decorated soldier in WWII with 29 medals including the Medal of Honor given him by President Jimmy Carter. C. More sites are under active pursuit. CALL US IF YOU KNOW OF OTHER HISTORIC SITES IN PERIL.

Local Historic District designations- The fastest way to stabilize a neighborhood from more demolitions is to create a Historic District.  Working with Preservation Buffalo/Niagara a Cultural Resource Survey of a portion of the Broadway-Fillmore area will be completed in 2017. This is the first step toward a long term solution to stabilize and then grow the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Clean-Ups- Recruiting 10 to 25 volunteers for each clean-up project led to over 500 construction bags of garbage being removed from the home of Dr. Fronczak over 7 Saturdays. Two other clean-ups were completed around the Broadway Market. CALL US IF YOU KNOW OF MORE LOTS OR VACANT HOMES.

Partnering with Preservation Buffalo/Niagara and with Campaign4Buffalo. The two pre-eminent preservation organizations in our area have each cooperated with HESNI giving administrative support or grant funds for the above mentioned Cultural Resource Survey. We have just begun!

Central Terminal Restoration Corp has engaged RD&M to raise funds for repair/restoration of the Main Concourse area as well as to provide program design and cost benefit analyses. This Iconic site on the National Register of Historic Sites since 1984 has tremendous potential to be an economic engine to help revitalize Broadway-Fillmore. STAY TUNED. CALL US TO LEARN HOW TO BE MORE INVOLVED. 

North Tower Cupola

North Tower Cupola

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